Child Support

Child Support

Initial Child Support Establishment

Child support can be asked for by a custodial parent or a third party who has custody of a child, such as a grandparent. In the case of unmarried parents not living together where one parent receives public assistance, the County Attorney’s office may start the process. Initial child support calculations are based on the gross income of both parents as well as the amount of court-ordered parenting time. There is a presumption under the law that both parents can or should work so sometimes the court uses “potential income” to determine child support. Child support is broken down into three categories: basic support (for the child’s day to day living expenses and education); medical support (health and dental insurance for the child and unreimbursed or uninsured medical and dental expenses); and child care costs (daycare payments for the child when the parents work or go to school).

Modification of Child Support

Child Support may, from time to time, be modified, but only if certain statutory factors are met. These factors include substantially increased or decreased income of either party; substantially increased or decreased need of a party or the child; receipt of public assistance; a change in the cost of living for either party; extraordinary medical expenses; a change in health care coverage; adding work related or education related child care expenses; or upon the emancipation of a child. There are strict guidelines provided by the statute as to what constitutes the substantial change in circumstances.

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